Want to connect to your RC flight simulator without the wires? Simstick Pro works with all known Drone simulators, FPV Freerider, DRL, plus most Helicopter and Plane simulators including Phoenix, neXt, RealFlight, Aerofly, Reflex, Clearview, Heli-x etc. Just plug your radio system in and fly!


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Do you own Drone Racing League, FPV Freerider, Phoenix, Realflight, neXt, FPV Freerider, neXt, Clearview, RC Deskpilot, Reflex RC Model flight sims? Connect to them wirelessly!

The SIMSTICK PRO Wireless adaptor is designed to work with most RC Flight Simulators and modern radios. SIMSTICK PRO which now comes with Spektrum Satelite and FUTABA S-Bus connection for a really easy/quick connection!


  • Simstick PRO review from Mattie Lodge of Fast Lad Flight Team


    FAST LAD Flight Team review of the Simstick PRO by Mattie Lodge.

  • SIMSTICK PRO is here!

    With improvements and features which include on-board Spektrum Satelite (DSM2 and DSMX) and Futaba S-Bus connectivity, improved firmware and compatibity with almost ALL brands of radio it has never been so easy to get flying wirelessly. Buy yours now ... click here

  • SmackTalk - Bert Kammerer talks about Simstick


    Features SIMSTICK in the latest episode all about Simulators. Bert who has recommended Simstick discusses his thoughts on the device and shows you how to connect it all up! Great Episode you should check out with lots of useful tips and suggestions on how to get the best out of your favorite RC Flight Simulator. GET the SmackTalk RC Episode #22 – Flight Simulators

People are talking about Simstick
  • My original Simstick is over 2 years old now and has worked flawlessly so Iím sure I will get the same great service out of the PRO version. Personally would recommend one of these units to anyone. Itís Simple, easy to use and very tidy for the Misses !!!”
  • says Matt Lodge of Fastlad Performance Flight Team
  • SIMSTICK is a revolutionary system that eliminates all those irritating cables.... it just works. NOW I just switch on my DX8 and enjoy flying my simulator!!”
  • says Raquel Bellot
  • I still have one of the first Simsticks which has worked flawlessly for at least 2 years continuous use. I like the simplicity of using the radio without any chance of cables getting in the way or being damaged. Highly recommended!
  • Tim Procter
  • SIMSTICK has sparked my interest for the simulator once again. I can now sit on the couch in front of my big screen TV using my DX-8 while practicing new moves!.
  • Bert Kammerer - SMACKTALK
  • OK, I got mine today, took me about 10min to setup my DX7 and set it up in the Phoenix Simulator, and this thing flies like a dream compared to the DX5e that it comes with. I just used a Hxxxx Kxxg knock off that I got from my LHS for $20, and I am off and flying... I just cant express how much smoother it is with my DX7. I love it. Thanks Desire RC.
  • Bryan (Backburner1955- Helifreak)
  • Just thought I would drop you a quick note. I have been using my simstick with Pheonix V3 Beta for 2 days now & it works GREAT.
  • Jeff Woods
  • It works very well I can tell you. No loss of performance. I actually prefer it now. I leave the unit with the receiver plugged in. I just turn on TX and fly.
  • ASID - Llarma pod cast.
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