Wireless Simulator USB Adaptor Board compatible with Phoenix Sim, Reflex, Realflight, Aerofly, FMS and other RC Flight Simulators.


English Instructions

FOR SIMSTICK PRO please also refer to the instructions supplied
Also also available here - PDF Page 1 - Page 2

  • You will require:
    • 1) A Spektrum or Futaba based transmitter (See Compatibilty Chart)
      Find a blank model memory, choose "HELI MODE" (even for planes!!!) and choose "single Servo", not CCPM or any other multi servo configurations.

      2) A Spektrum(DSM2, NOT DSMX) or Futaba receiver

      3) The USB to Jack lead provided with your simulator or a suitable lead- See Compatibilty Chart.

      Note regarding Spektrum DSMX
      You MUST use a DSM2 receiver, NOT a DSMX receiver.

      SIMSTICK PRO: The new Simstick Pro will be compatible with DSMX

  • Step1: Bind your transmitter to your receiver
    • You will need to bind the receiver BEFORE connecting to the simstick. Apply power via a regulated lipo or a NiCad and perform the bind process set out by the manufacturer.

      OR you can bind your receiver using Simstick - watch this video for details:

      Simstick Bind on board video

  • Step2: Plug the receiver into SIMSTICK
    • CAUTION: Care should be taken to ensure that the receiver is correctly installed.
      The battery terminals on the receiver must overhang the connection block where the arrow on the Simstick points.
  • Step3: Connect the original sim lead Jack and USB plug into SimStick
    • First, connect the sim lead provided by your Simulator manufacturer to the Jack and USB sockects.
      1) If using Phoenix, Reflex please see here...
      2) If using Realflight please see here..
  • Step4: Connect Simstick to a Spare PC socket
    • Now connect your SIMSTICK to one of your computer's free USB ports. We recommend you use a USB fly lead to reduce the chance of breakage or stress to the USB connector on the SimStick.
  • Step5: Turn on your Transmitter
  • Step6: Start up your RC flight simulator
  • Step7: Calibrate your transmitter in the setup of your RC flight simulator
  • Step8: Re-assign the channels
    • You will find the Aileron, Pitch and Throttle channels will need to be re-assigned in the in the Transmitter setup screen. Either follow your RC flight simulator instructions. Watch video above...
  • Step9: Go and Fly!!
    • You are now ready to fly. We hope you enjoy using SIMSTICK as much as we do! Please let us know what you think.

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