Wireless Simulator USB Adaptor Board compatible with Phoenix Sim, Reflex, Realflight, Aerofly, FMS and other RC Flight Simulators.


English Instructions

Also also available here - PDF Page 1 - Page 2

  • You will require:

    • 1) A transmitter
      Find a blank model memory, choose "HELI MODE" (even for planes!!!) and choose "single Servo", not CCPM or any other multi servo configurations.
      2) A receiver with standard sized servo connections

      3) The USB to Jack lead provided with your simulator or a suitable lead - See Compatibilty Chart.
  • Step1: Bind your transmitter to your receiver
    • You will need to bind the receiver BEFORE connecting to the simstick. Apply power via a regulated lipo or a NiCad and perform the bind process set out by the manufacturer.

      OR you can bind your receiver using Simstick - watch this video for details:

      Simstick Bind on board video

  • Step2: Plug the receiver into SIMSTICK
    • CAUTION: Care should be taken to ensure that the receiver is correctly installed.
      The battery terminals on the receiver must overhang the connection block where the arrow on the Simstick points.
  • Step3: Connect the original sim lead Jack and USB plug into SimStick
    • First, connect the sim lead provided by your Simulator manufacturer to the Jack and USB sockects.
      1) If using Phoenix, Reflex please see here...
      2) If using Realflight please see here..
  • Step4: Connect Simstick to a Spare PC socket
    • Now connect your SIMSTICK to one of your computer's free USB ports. We recommend you use a USB fly lead to reduce the chance of breakage or stress to the USB connector on the SimStick.
  • Step5: Turn on your Transmitter
  • Step6: Start up your RC flight simulator
  • Step7: Calibrate your transmitter in the setup of your RC flight simulator
  • Step8: Re-assign the channels
    • You will find the Aileron, Pitch and Throttle channels will need to be re-assigned in the in the Transmitter setup screen. Either follow your RC flight simulator instructions. Watch video above...
  • Step9: Go and Fly!!
    • You are now ready to fly. We hope you enjoy using SIMSTICK as much as we do! Please let us know what you think.

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