Realflight Details and Instructions for Simstick


Does Simstick Work with Realflight?

Yes. You can operate a wireless setup with Realflight (v5.5) PLEASE READ!

Don't forget the Transmitter/controller provided by Realflight needs also to be plugged in to provide copy protection. We have tested with the older and newer controllers provided by RealFlight, both worked OK.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to enable the Auto reset function in Realflight so that when you crash it will just restart. Go to settings in simulation > physics> auto reset from 0 to 1 and this will enable the Auto Reset feature.

NOTE: You must have the Futaba Square Pin to Jack lead RealFlight supply in the Software box.... see below.

    To setup you require:

  1. 1) A Simstick!
  2. 2) JR to Futaba square pin to connect to their own controller JR 3.5mm Jack to Futaba Square 6pin lead. This is provided by with your RealFlight Software. It can be obtained from RealFlight if you do not have yours.
  3. 3) Compatible Transmitter as per the list to the right.
  4. 4) Compatible Receiver as per the list to the right.
  5. 5) Channel Assignment. After you have physically connected everything you will need to re-assign the channels in Realflight. We found the following results worked on a DX7 SE and 6100 receiver :
    • Channel 1 maps to Channel 1 Roll (reversed)
    • Channel 2 maps to Channel 3 Throttle
    • Channel 3 maps to Channel 2 Pitch
    • Channel 4 maps to Channel 4 Yaw (reversed)
    • Channel 5 maps to Channel 7 Smoke (reversed)
    • Channel 6 maps to channel 8 3-pos switch (not used)
  6. 6) Please watch the Realflight configuration video.
Here is a diagram of what's needed to connect wirelessly with RealFlight:
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